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The Perfect Ballet Bun

  • Before we begin, here are two photos of some of our ballerinas, a few years ago, wearing their ballet buns.

    Here is a Trio Facing Left
    Trio Facing Left
    ©Arizona Ballet Theatre 2008|All Rights Reserved

    Here is a Trio Facing Right
    Trio Facing Right
    ©Arizona Ballet Theatre 2008|All Rights Reserved

    You should also take a look at close up photos of Karen's, Lauren's, and Margaret's Perfect Ballet Bun in our Photo Gallery "A Perfect Ballet Bun." Each is a good example of what we are trying to achieve. Each Dancer's hair is a bit different, so experimenting on the best method for your hair will be worthwhile. Don't worry, we show all our new dancers how to make their very own beautiful ballet bun. Each Dancer's bun in our photo gallery is a little different, because everyone has different hair. We will help you until you can do it all by yourself, at the Arizona Ballet Theatre Studios. it will be just perfect for YOU and your hair.

  • New dancers are always looking for step-by-step instructions on how to make a beautiful ballet bun. I'm sure you are too. Certainly your Mom or Dad is. At our school, we have Ballet Dads and Ballet Moms.

    Lets look at a fabulous demonstration video, by the Anaheim Ballet, in Anaheim California, called "Ballet Bun 411" - which is a little bit alliterative. The demo shows three dancers, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Herman, Semhar Dory, and Vanessa Sah, with different hair types, creating their buns. It appears to be an effective teaching and learning aid.

    I think this demo could be really useful and helpful to new dancers who are anxious to learn these dancer skills. Apparently, you can download it to your iPod too. Please let me know what you think of it.



  • Please remember, just because we have posted this demo on our Arizona Ballet Theatre website, that does NOT mean you have to learn how to do this on your own. I am always ready to teach you, your Mom, and/or your Dad, how to make a really good ballet bun. That's our Arizona Ballet Theatre way. We help one another all the time. All our ABT staff, and the older dancers are anxious to help you too. We all want to help the younger dancers. So be calm, be happy, don't worry!!! It's normal to be a little nervous. Help and reassurance is always here for you when you feel you need it. Remember everyone did learn it, and I know you will too! If you are stuck, please come talk, and let us help YOU.

    I am always happy to help new dancers learn how to create their very own perfect ballet bun.


  • Here's a step by step instruction set called "Make a Perfect Ballerina Bun" It's by Treva Bedinghaus, on About.com's website. It has photos of a Mom performing each step.


  • Here is a very clear instructional video on You Tube from The Greenville Ballet School & Company in Greenville, South Carolina.
    It's definitely a ballet oriented Ballet Bun!


  • Have you ever made a ballet bun? Don't worry; "My Dance Shoppe's" website has put together a step-by-step guide called How to Make a Proper Ballet Bun" to help you out. It looks quite helpful. Check it out!


  • Many people have difficulty making or "creating" the "perfect" ballet bun. Take a look at this marvelous discussion thread about all the techniques for making an Ultimate Ballet Bun by "NewFoundGrace" , a teenager who writes beautifully. It's extra delightful that "NewFoundGrace" has included some examples of well made ballet buns from our Arizona Ballet Theatre photo galleries. Cool! Thanks NewFoundGrace, we really appreciate your site. When you are in Tucson, come take classes and dance with us.

    Grace uses "The Twisted Ponytail Technique." She writes

    "1. Brush hair to make it smooth, and put it up into a ponytail (at any height, but I prefer a fairly medium-high ponytail) with an elastic. Braid tightly if you wish. It's very important that the ponytail/braid is secure, neat and tight (though not so tight that it gives you a major headache)."

    "2. Twist the ponytail tightly, and coil it around the elastic, securing with U-shaped pins as you go. I prefer using many of these pins to ensure that the bun stays very secure."

    "3. Once the ponytail is completely coiled around itself (with the end tucked under the rest of the bun) and has been adequately secured with pins, wrap a hairnet (or two, depending on how thick the hairnets are) over it. Secure with some more U-shaped pins."

    "4. One word: HAIRSPRAY! Personally, I don't find hairspray necessary for everyday classes. I only use it for performances."

  • _____________________________________________


    Grace continues... "Didn't quite get everything? Don't worry, it's also described (with pictures) at:" "Oregon Ballet Academy" ,

    I add, the "Oregon Ballet Academy" does have a very good set of instructions, with photos.




    "A Ballerina's World".

    I have to add, that this is really a great site for Ballerinas!!! It covers a lot of very useful material.

    It clearly is a labor of love. It is really Cool! The website creator has done a great job. She is enormously talented! It's by Ashley, a Dancer, who has a disability in using her arms. We would love to see her dance. Next time you're in Tucson, Ashley, please come take classes and dance with us.



    Grace continues... "and,"

    "Bay View Ballet (no pics though)"

    Grace also refers to the following "alternate method by pointeshuchic who writes" ...ok when my hair was long I had very many ways to do my bun. But then I found the perfect way:

  • 1. Pull your hair back in a secure pony tail.
  • 2. Divide it into two pieces.
  • 3. Wet each one with water.
  • 4. Take one of the pieces and wrap it around the pony tail, as though you are wrapping stick bobby pins in there.
  • 5. Do the same on the other piece of hair, but go the other way.
  • 6. Then, if you have any scraggly hairs, just put a hair net over it or spray it. This will make a flat, secure bun.
  • xoxo good luck






  • Also, take a look at the step by step instructions on "How to Make the Perfect Ballet Bun," By Deddus, including a list of materials needed, "eHowTM at How To Do Just About Everything"

    It's a fun site to browse for many topics.

  • Things You’ll Need:
    • Hairspray
    • Thick hair elastic
    • V-shaped hair pins
    • Paddle brush
    • Boar bristle brush
    • Hairnet (optional)
  • Step by Step Instructions:

      Step 1:
      Spray loose hair liberally with hairspray.

      Step 2:
      Using the paddle brush, brush hair into a high ponytail at the crown of the head. Hold ponytail in place with one hand.

      Step 3:
      Use the boar bristle brush to smooth out any bumps in the ponytail.

      Step 4:
      Fasten ponytail tightly in place with a thick hair elastic. Shake your head back and forth a few times to make sure the ponytail will stay in place.

      Step 5:
      Twirl free hair in one direction, forming a tight coil, and slowly wrap the coil around the base of the ponytail to begin forming the bun.

      Step 6:
      As you wrap, secure the coil to the base of the ponytail by sticking hair pins through the hair and the hair elastic, pinning along the outer-most edge of the coil.

      Step 7:
      If looking for a more professional bun, take a hairnet that matches your hair color and wrap it around the bun until the hairnet is tight.

      Step 8:
      Spray the styled hair with another mist of hairspray and use hair pins to tuck in any stray pieces of hair.


  • Tips & Warnings
    • Close your eyes when spraying hairspray to avoid getting the product in your eyes.
    • Wearing a ballet-style bun for prolonged periods of time can cause headaches. Pull out the hair pins and let your hair hang loose if your head starts to throb.


    Here's one more bun making tutorial with photographs: How to Make a Bun by Anna Lofgren


    I forgot how I found this, but it's cute. Madeline Ballet Bun Cover By Tiffany Roots


  • What Happens When It Doesn't Stay Up During a Performance?

    Nothing bad really. Here is a video clip showing Sara G., who is a lovely dancer, somewhere... we don't know where, lost her floral headpiece while performing... This is a huge no-no!

    Perhaps Sara G. was distracted by thoughts of her new baby. (;-)


    I'll bet you were relieved that Sara G. continued dancing! (:-) Right? It was really good that she did... The audience loved her for it. That's an important lesson to learn for performing. Just keep smiling, if your hair falls, or even if YOU fall. Just get up, pick right up on the music, and keep going. And, if you SMILE, the audience will LOVE YOU even more. It's quite a relief, and good to know, isn't it?

  • Here's a quick technique You Tube video by "The Hollywood hair Guy"

    Looks somewhat flimsy. Not a Ballet Guy.

    The following technique takes 34 seconds! May not be sturdy enough.

    This page, How To Do A Ballet Bun," is colorful and a little different.

    She has clear photos, and throws in some optional twists she says they can be worn in a ponytail too.

    On this page, she talks about knowing your dance school's policy about decorating and accessories.

    The bows and ribbons she shows on her website are rather elaborate! The instructions are here, for a price.

    Annas Bananas asked How do I make a ballerina bun with layered hair?

    She says her hair is layesred and falls 2 inches below her shoulders. Since it's layered, it doesn't look good in a ballet bun.She likes ballerina buns on the top of her head.

    Kristina is a retired professional ballet dancer who loves Balanchine height buns. She answered:

    "Put your hair up while WET, and smooth a bit of gel through the length once in a pony tail. Learn how to use the correct hair pin in the correct way for your hair texture, there are about 14 different hair pins, ranging from bobby pins, roller pins, hair pins, amish pins, hair forks, etc. Then cover the bun with a hair net close to the color of your hair to keep all the whispies in.

    By saying you like your bun to be on the top of your head, I certainly hope you're not putting it any higher than the crown (right where it curves, and the top is no longer the top, but the back is no longer the back either..that's called the crown) Even most Balanchine dancers don't put it much higher than the crown.

    Also, try using more than one section of hair, like how you make a braid. Try with 2 strands of hair, and make what is called a "vortex bun" if you can...you can view my videos on Youtube (search for CinnamonCurls or vortex bun) showing 3 and 4 strand vortex buns, you should be able to understand a 2 strand one from them."

    Or just braid your pony tail before you twirl it into a bun, the braided strands will help hold the whispies in too!